How does your website score?

Your website looks good and everybody who has seen it has told that it is great, just what your business needs. Why then is nobody visiting it? Why can you not see it on search engine results pages?

Your website might look good but it may not be working for your business.

Find out why with a WEBSIGHTS report that will look much deeper than your browser ever can to uncover the hidden barriers to getting more customers to your business.

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The life blood of your website is the content that you have on it. Not only must the pictures and video tell a story but also the text must be enough to make a difference. It must help get your pages found on Google and other search engines.

Not much content means not many visiotrs


Having a website is one thing but getting it found by web users is another. This is where Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) comes in and it has to be better than your competition for your pages to be seen on the search engine results pages.

Social marketing is a must and here is where you find out how well your web pages are being shared and talked about on social media.


How old is your website? Has the latest technology been implemented correctly?

An old website (>2 years) or one that has not been maintained will be marked down by search engines. You may have the latest technology but if it used in the wrong way then your web pages will not be served up to search engine results pages.


This is not just about allowing people with disabilities get to see your website. This is about implementing best practice design on your website so that it shows up at every opportunity.

A well designed and developed website will have this built-in from the beginning making sure that your website is the best that it can be.